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How Being An Introvert In An Extrovert Space Has Protected My Wellness

As a Black Woman who owns a business in a time where Black Women are thriving and leading the masses, I often step back and realize how being an introvert in an extravert space has protected my wellness. Before going any further, let’s review the difference between introverts and extroverts.

  • Introverts can be seen as shy and reserved people but this is not always the case. They get their energy from spending time alone or with a small group of friends. Introverts focus inward and on their own thoughts.

  • Extroverts can be seen as more outgoing and love spending time with others. They actually feel more energized with they’re in larger groups. Extroverts focus outward and into the world.

Black Women are currently the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, and everyone wants to know how and why. How and why questions may not be asked directly, but society does want to know all about the journey of black women entrepreneurs and it can start to affect our wellness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for wanting to know the amazing story behind every black woman, but it’s also important that every black woman doesn’t feel like they have to tell their story when and how society wants them to.

I am an administrator by trade and assist many businesses with their needs. I consider myself an introvert even though I love working with and helping others. I’ve come to accept that I can continue to live an introverted life in a time when it seems that if you’re a business owner, you have to always be out there in these entrepreneur streets and always share your journey as it unfolds. I mean what other way will your business grow…right? No…wrong.

The extrovert space of always having to be around, among, and in the midst of people can often open up situations that you may not have the capacity to have at the moment. You may feel the need to have to share and talk about certain topics that make you uncomfortable. While some discomfort and a little push is good for us all, too much can start to be counterproductive to the original goal.

When you’re around others all the time, your individualized opinion starts to be affected by that of others. You start to see things differently and therefore act on things differently. And in a time where business owners and social media influencers have a lot of information to give (true or false information), not taking that time to yourself to refocus and reenergize can lead to poor performance.

While I’m not saying that anyone should live in a bubble to avoid the overload and misinformation that can take place in the extrovert space, I’m saying that balance and discernment have to be there to know when it’s best to take the needed time alone. For me, it happens to be more often than others, but I’m ok with that.

If you feel you’re in a state of information overload when it comes to others, I suggest limiting the amount of media consumption time each day (social media or news media). You don’t have to read every story, article, or post. If you have compiled so many different tasks, workbooks, and downloads for implementation within your business to make it better, DO NOT signup for any more until you have actually completed what you already have in front of you. If your calendar already seems to be busy busy busy, say ‘not right now’ to that next request of your time. And don’t forget to schedule in time for yourself…yes, it’s alright to actually schedule it in.

Protecting your wellness, whether an introvert, extrovert or even an ambivert (a combination of the two), remember you have to do what’s best for you.

-Starting with determining what weighs on you more or less and finding the balance.

-Use discernment regarding whether or not the information you are presented with is worthwhile.

-Understand and know your mental capacity, and what it takes to fill it up.

Who knows, even though you don’t consider yourself an introvert, you may want to practice some of their preferences to help protect your wellness.

To chat more about how you can get assistance with focusing in on your business needs without letting the everyone feel you have to do everything all the time, feel free to contact me at


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