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Welcome To
The Black 
Women's Wellness Agency


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SAM Status: Active

DUNS Number: 118700898


Primary NAICS: 541613

Other NAICS: 923120, 611699, & 812990

Our Capability Statement

CBE Press Release

Our Wellness Is

Educating, Empowering, Serving, Connecting, and Inspiring Black Women

The Black Women’s Wellness Agency connects you to Black Women Wellness Providers! 

Our focus is to help Black Women manage stress, by amplifying an array of wellness offerings. Encapsulating a wide array of services such as project management, business consulting, yoga training, coaching, and many more. We are here to support you on your wellness journey. 

BWWA can help you manage the stress in your life!

Who is The Black Women's Wellness Agency?

The Black Women's Wellness Agency (BWWA) is a community for Black Women to access holistic wellness, receive wellness consultancy, purchase wellness products, and gather vital health information in one place. It’s our mission to help Black Women manage daily life stress, by providing a variety of unique wellness offers specifically for them.


We are a trusted resource for Black Women and can assist you in becoming the woman you’ve always dreamed of and help you create the life you deserve to live.


What Services Does The Black Women's Wellness Agency Offer?

At The Black Women’s Wellness Agency we connect you to Black Women Wellness Providers who specialize in:


  • Doula and Midwifery Support

  • Wellness Coaching (Mindset, Lifestyle, Yoga, Nutrition, and many more)

  • Project Management

  • Marketing Management 

  • Event Management

  • Business Consulting


Our Black Women Wellness Providers provide top-notch services at comparable rates, saving you time, energy and money!

We support Black Women who

  • Experience constant stress and anxiety

  • Experience racial discrimination and gender inequality

  • Search for opportunities to thrive

  • Look for an inclusive community of Black Women

  • Want support with Joyful Movement, Physical Activity, and Nutrition

  • Want to create and maintain healthy relationships

  • Face a constant decline in work productivity

If This Sounds Like You, You Have Come To The Right Place!

At The Black Women's Wellness Agency, we help women overcome the challenges of life and reclaim balance since OUR WELLNESS IS INFINITE!


We help you own your life, take charge of your health, live a robust life, achieve financial freedom with minimal stress, and find your purpose.


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