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Tonya Parker

owner of Mind Body Soul Food

You know how women healing practitioners can feel out of balance, stressed, and create distress and dis-ease in their bodies and bank accounts? Well, not only has Tonya been that woman, but she has decades of experience supporting thousands to transform distress to de-stress, and is clear she is called to “teach” that which she needs to learn. Now, she embraces her calling as a W.I.T.C.H.—Woman In Tune with Conscious Healing—to tap into her experience as a former psychotherapist, a multi-modal holistic healer, coach and intuitive "Throat Chakra Shaman" to support other women in tuning into self, Spirit and nature. As a result, they are able to co-create more peace, ease, and balance, thus returning to their natural state of whole health and wealth…mind, body, and soul.

Love Yoga Studio

owned by Asia Vianna

Love Yoga encourages the practice of yoga and mindfulness by safely teaching our students in a non-intimidating and warm environment. We offer a wide array of drop-in classes, class series, workshops, camps, retreats, and community programs. We are dedicated to making yoga accessible, welcoming, and safe for everyone. We strive to remove barriers that stop people who are underrepresented and underserved within wellness spaces to have access to yoga.


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