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How to Become a Priority in Your Life During Autumn

Three Ways to Overcome the Weather’s Impact on Your Mood

October brings many changes as the shift in weather is upon us. For some, these adjustments may be welcomed with joy and excitement, and for others, they may bring feelings of dread, discomfort, and maybe even overwhelm.

A new season comes with many changes, but most importantly, a potential shift in our wellbeing needs. As we transition from Summer to Autumn, it is crucial to give yourself that self check-in that is so needed to assess how your needs may be shifting.

With the days getting shorter and colder weather approaching, it is natural to notice a shift in your mood. This change, also referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder, for some may start during Fall and end after Winter or as late as early Summer. Prioritizing your wellbeing during this time is crucial!

Lean Into These 3 Tips Below to Put Your Mental and Emotional Wellness at the Top of Your Focus:

Your Relationship with Self-Care Really Does Make a Difference:

Work-life balance can sometimes be easier said than done–trust me, we’ve all been there, especially during those infamous ‘busy seasons’, but it is a necessity in maintaining your wellbeing. If you’re noticing that your self-care regimens are constantly put on the back burner for your ever-growing to-do list, you may be at risk of reaching burnout.

When we think of ‘self-care’ it is beneficial to see it as something we should lean into automatically during our day, not something we need to earn, do only when time permits, or de-prioritize to meet a deadline. Not only can you show up better in the various roles you hold through consistently taking care of yourself and your needs, but you also allow yourself to reduce a risk for anxiety, chronic stress, and even depression.

Movement Matters:

Movement has so many benefits on our mental health–it helps to release endorphins, it can support in reducing stress, and it can even be fun! As we transition into Fall, we may notice that we are not naturally engaging in outdoor activities that create opportunities for movement compared to how effortlessly this may come in the Summer months. There is nothing wrong with wanting to stay indoors more during cooler months, but try to get creative with sprinkling moments of movement into your routine. Mid-day dance breaks, youtube stretching & workout videos, or registering for local fitness classes or walking groups can make a huge difference in your mood during this season.

Maintaining Community Goes a Long Way:

The weather may be colder and our home may feel cozier than an outing with friends or visiting that local event, but an important component in prioritizing our wellbeing is maintaining a sense of community. Find ways to keep up with a social plan for yourself even if it’s a weekly zoom or FaceTiming session with friends or loved ones (yup, that means separate from social media scrolls). Socializing with individuals provides another tool in reducing stress. Just be sure you are socializing with people who energize and empower you!

Looking for community with other Black women? Reach out to me to see if joining our next cohort of the From Burnout to Balance: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome’s Hold on Your Life group may be beneficial for your wellness goals!


About the Author:

Alyssa is a Psychotherapist in Washington, DC specializing in raising career self-efficacy in black women, overcoming workplace discrimination, and healing from anxiety. She manages the Instagram platform Sis Everyone Needs Therapy!

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DeJa Love
DeJa Love
Oct 03, 2022

Alyssa, Thank you so much for gracing The Black Women's Wellness Agency with this timely article!

The swift change from the the hot weather this Summer, to cold, wet, and rainy Fall, has a substantial impact on our wellness.

It's great to glean from your three tips on how we can mitigate the insidious impact of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

We truly appreciate you!

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