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Our service portfolio is designed for Black Women to live productive, meaningful, and robust lives unhinged by stress. We are a community of Black Women for Black Women. 

We offer an array of Wellness services for Black Women, by Black Women Wellness Providers, who help you manage stress, by centering wellness and overcoming daily obstacles in your life. Our Wellness is Infinite!

To get more information on being a wellness provider with the BWWA, download our one pager below. 

Mindset & Lifestyle Coaching

Learn the tools and techniques to get your life back on track, and move forward with clarity.


Personal Trainer

Our expert trainers are waiting to support your health and wellness goals.

Health & Fitness Coaching

Revitalize your health through a compassionate and inclusive program tailored to fit your needs.


Yoga Coaching and Teaching

Counteract the stresses of modern life by becoming more mindful and compassionate.


Dieticians & Nutritionists 

Our health and wellness start with the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. Learn simple, easy ways to incorporate healthier options into your daily life.

Doula & Midwife 

Our experienced Doulas and Midwives care for you and your baby through pregnancy and after.

Business Consultancy

Get your business the boost it needs by consulting our business professionals and be on the rise.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

A one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs from blog posts to design to SEO to content creation. 


Project Management

Managing projects can be complex, that’s why customers come to us with their projects and let us do the rest.


Public Health Policy 

Drafting, writing, formulation, reviewing & creating policy recommendations.

Service Benefits

  • Cost savings

  • Quality service

  • Trusted by Professionals

  • One-stop-shop for a spectrum of services

  • Elevating Black Women

  • Black community building

  • Available 24/7 

Why Choose Us?

For Providers​

  1. We're the number one choice for professionals. 

  2. We deliver top quality service

  3. We’re passionate about helping Black Women live full, long lasting lives

  4. We’re community minded

  5. We'll understand your brand and are easy to work with.

  6. We’re flexible and connect with you at your desired frequency.

For Customers

  1. We ensure you achieve peace of mind.

  2. We'll save you money by connecting you to the best providers at the right price.

Whether your need is simple or complex, we have a solution for you. To start on this path of transformation for your life, schedule a free consultation session Today!

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